Education for Sustainability: Bridging Cultural, Social and Political Gaps - MOFET Israel Seminar

March 25 - April 1, 2012

Souce: Education for Sustainability


The participants in this special seminar will visit institutes of teacher education and ecological sites, and will be exposed to educational programs, to technological projects and to developments in the field of recycling. They will experience first-hand what is being done in Israel about sustainability in education throughout the education systems, public campaigns, climate-related solutions and more, and will be exposed to the joint effort being made to effect a change in the public’s awareness about the need for sustainable development in environmental, social, political, and technological arenas. The tour will address the issue of how the population has adapted itself to the diverse landscape and surrounding creatures in order to ensure continual development, while taking future environmental needs into perpetual consideration.


The tour will also visit Israel's holy sites and exceptional surroundings – from the verdant north to the deserts of the south where people seek to develop their quality of life, and adapt to the environmental conditions.


The tour will be led by Mrs. Bilha Cohen, Consultant for International Cooperation at The MOFET Institute.

Among the highlights of the seminar:

  • Visits to schools which implement educational programs in sustainability
  • Hiriya Dan Recycling Authority: “From a mountain of waste to a green and flourishing recycling rehabilitation park”
  • Kibbutzim College of Education: “The Green Campus”
  • The Towns Association for Environmental Quality (TAEQ): Sustainable development via educational, scientific and advisory activities within the Israeli Arab sector
  • Ramat Hanadiv Nature Park: Educational programs and activities focused on ecological principles: landscape ecology, recycling and sustainable development
  • Better Place Electric Vehicle Demonstration Center: Accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation
  • Tour of the Holy City – Jerusalem
  • The Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Environmental Protection: Meetings with Policy Makers
  • Visit to the Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba): Development versus the protection of the region’s delicate ecosystems
  • The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (AIES): A joint institute for all: Israelis, Jordanians, Palestinians and international guests. The institute conducts research in water resources management, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, climate, flora & fauna, and more.
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