Revolution in Jewish Life Called Limmud

January 27, 2012

Source: The Jewish Daily Forward


After David Hazony returned from Limmud UK Conference, he writes why he thinks that Limmud presents an imminent threat to established Jewish life. Limmud puts the core of Jewish identity back where it was always meant to be — in direct engagement with content. It is one of today's greatest sources of Jewish spiritual inspiration, intellectual growth and artistic expression.


At this year's 30th anniversary conference there were: more than 2,500 participants; 400 presenters, including some of the most influential scholars, journalists, rabbis, artists and institutional leaders in Israel and the Diaspora; 1,000 different sessions.


Hazony points out three unstated principles that make Limmud so outstanding:

  • The mind and the spirit, the body and the soul, are one. Social, religious and intellectual stimuli are mixed inseparably.
  • Your place of work does not appear on your nametag. Neither do markers of formal hierarchy of knowledge, like “professor” and “rabbi.” Limmud, feels that titles and affiliations can often do more harm than good.
  • While the international Limmud body’s paid staff is minimal, the volunteers run the conference almost exclusively.

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Updated: Mar. 05, 2012