International Fellowship of Christians and Jews' Lifeline for ORT Students in the FSU

Mar 23, 2012

Source: World ORT


The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has provided emergency funding of $400,000 to assist World ORT’s network of 17 schools in the FSU region cope with students’ basic needs in the face of continued underfunding of the Heftsiba system. The money is earmarked for essential needs, such as school buses and hot lunches – critical services for schools serving Jewish communities scattered across large urban sprawls and teaching a curriculum that demands long days – and security.


For more than 20 years Heftsiba has been the conduit through which the State of Israel has supported the education of Jewish children attending ORT, Or Avner and Shema Israel schools in the region. It is a system of management, quality control and instructional support and provides Israeli teachers who are expert in Hebrew and Jewish education.


However since the program's creation in 1991, Heftsiba’s budget had shrunk from NIS 48 million to a NIS 8 million.

Updated: Apr. 01, 2012