Some Hebrew Schools Decide to Go the Free Route

May 2, 2012

Source: Chabad.Org


Tamar Runyan writes about several Chabad-Lubavitch centers around the country that have begun offering free Hebrew school programs, using the incentive of a tuition-free experience to help ensure that Jewish children of all stripes have access to Jewish education from an early age.


In South Florida, the Highland Lakes Jewish Center, known as Chabad Chayil, offers a five-day after-school program for children from kindergarten to eighth grade at the Aventura Waterways educational center just across the street in Miami. Every day, 200 children from seven area public schools gather after school to pray together, learn about Jewish history and holidays, Hebrew language arts, conversational Hebrew, and the weekly Torah portion. And besides a one-time $100 book fee, the cost of the program is free. For many parents, the fact that the program is free makes the difference between their children attending and not attending.


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Updated: May. 14, 2012