Deepening the Conversation About What Schools Can Learn From Camps

Winter, 2011

Source: HaYidion, Winter, 2011


Marc Baker and Becca Shimshak share how they harness the success of Jewish camps for a sustained influence at Gann Academy. They describe four core principles for integrating the best
aspects of camp culture into day schools.

The core principles they describe:

  • A holistic view of the child and of the child’s intellectual, moral, and spiritual development.
  • Educators and administrators as role models who see their relationships with students, both in and out of the classroom, as essential to their roles.
  • An "avirah" (environment, ambiance) of informality, relaxedness, freedom, positive energy and joy.
  • It starts from the top, with the vision, values and commitment of the lay and professional leadership of the school.

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Updated: May. 13, 2012