eZrachut - an Innovative Blended Learning Citizenship Sudies Program for Ninth Grade

June 2, 2012

Source: Portal Masa


A new blended learning "citizenship" curriculum is being implemented at the Amakim-Tavor School. The eZrachut program is housed on a virtual learning space which speaks the language of the students and thus produces high motivation for learning.


The program combines classroom instruction with computerized activity done as homework. Classroom instruction takes place in a regular class, which has a computer and a projector (not at a computer lab), and include, among others, presentation of the products the students produced as homework. The fact that there are two spatial learning spaces side by side, the physical space and cyberspace, create a rich and varied experience, which provides many opportunities for students to express themselves, on the one hand, and feel challenged, on the other.


The main theme of the citizenship curriculum is "human and civil rights," which is woven throughout the entire program. The curriculum opens with the chapter "Introduction to Human Rights", and each new following chapter illuminates the subject taught from a new angle inviting additional in-depth interaction.


The virtual learning space is built with Google Sites, containing class summaries, learning tools, rich multimedia student activities and student blogs serving as portfolios of students' work.

Updated: Jun. 18, 2012


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