Israel Ministry of Education Launches Virtual High School

Sep. 02, 2012

Source: Israel Ministry of Education


The Virtual High School, a new initiative of the Ministry of Education, the Center for Educational Technology (CET) and the Trump Foundation was unveiled at a festive event attended by high school students from all around Israel at the CET building in Tel Aviv. The purpose of the virtual high school is to increase the number of students finishing their studies of mathematics and physics at an enhanced level attaining higher achievements.


At the opening event, the students met with their virtual classmates, got acquainted with the virtual high school learning environment, listened to a lecture by a senior lecturer in physics, experienced research activities in physics (building a periscope and exploration of a pendulum), participated in a workshop in time management, and finally received a laboratory kit, an electronic stylus and a textbook.


At the beginning of the current school year, the virtual high school launched three classes in physics and three classes in mathematics. Six master teachers work in the virtual high school along with 46 tutors who are advanced university students with experience in digital tutoring. A hundred and twenty five students from 32 different schools are enrolled in the virtual high school this school year, enabling them to learn physics and mathematics at a five unit matriculation level.


Virtual high school courses are taught entirely online. A week of learning includes: synchronous lessons with a teacher in a class of 20 students, synchronous exercises with a tutor in small groups of three students and independent student practice with rich interactive content, virtual research laboratories and an array of tests and evaluations.

Updated: Oct. 30, 2012