Toolbox 2.0: Introduction to Web Technology for Professional Development in Complementary Schools

January 19 - March 23, 2013

Source: Toolbox 2.0


Through a grant from PELIE (Partnership for Effective Learning and Innovative Education) Jewish complementary schools have been given a unique opportunity to participate in a workshop entitled: “Toolbox 2.0-3 or Toolbox 2.0-4: Introduction to Web Technology for Professional Development in Complementary Schools”. This is a practical and engaging online course covering the application of specific web 2.0 technology tools that can facilitate and enhance Judaic instruction and teacher training within the context of complementary Jewish education.


The course will take place in real time through nine live webinars and through professional collaboration projects done in between the live seminars. There will be two sections of this course offered.

  • Course A (Toolbox 2.0-3): The webinars will take place on nine Tuesdays from January 19 to March 21, 2013 for 1 ½ hours starting at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

  • Course B (Toolbox 2.0-4): The webinars will be on nine Thursdays from January 21 to March 23, 2013.

During the course the participants will learn how to use these web tools: Gmail, Facebook, Google Docs, Skype and Moodle - online course management system for Jewish educational engagement.


Course participants will work together in pairs, and other small group configurations discussing the use of the above web tools and these educational constructs: backward design lesson planning, teacher-directed and student-engaged models of teaching, differentiated, individualized and integrated instruction, methods to transform the traditional classroom into a Jewish community of cooperative learners as they apply to complementary education and staff development.


This online course is open to education directors from all Jewish denominations.

For more information and registration, see Richard D. Solomon's Blog.

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