EdJewtopia - Kadima! Taking Technology in Jewish Education Forward

Nov. 02, 2012

Source: EdJewtopia


This month EdJewTopia brings you a taste of the Kadima South Florida conference right to your screen: South Florida Kadima presenter Seth Dimbert shares his number one lesson for integrating technology into a school; South Florida Kadima program coordinator and presenter Lisa Nuland asks for you to join in building resources for using technology in Jewish education; and Dallas Center for Jewish Education Executive Director Meyer Denn writes about his recent follow-up event to our previous Kadima conference in Houston.


At the beginning of November, 2012, PELIE and AVI CHAI brought Kadima, our regional technology in Jewish education conference to South Florida, following Kadima conferences in Houston in May of this year, and in Cleveland in July of 2011 (your region could be next!). Kadima's pupose is to reawaken Jewish educators to the continually evolving challenge and opportunity of technology. At each of these conferences, professionals and lay leaders from complementary and day schools spent a whole day exploring educational technology and being inspired to continue their learning and to teach it forward to others in their schools and communities.

Updated: Dec. 18, 2012