Shalom Hartman Institute’s 2013 Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat (CLP)

June 26-July 3, 2013

Source: Community Leadership Program


The Shalom Hartman Institute’s 2013 Community Leadership Program Summer Retreat (CLP), which draws more than 100 Jewish community leaders from North America to the Institute's Jerusalem campus every summer, is scheduled to be held June 26-July 3, 2013. The theme for 2013 will be "People of the Body or People of the Book: Embodied Jewish Ethics." This study retreat will explore the relationship between Judaism and the human body.


In every faith and in every age, the body has been the locus of tension, conflict, and concern. Is the role of religion to help transcend the body and the physical or to develop pathways to embrace the body and sanctify it? Modern society is preoccupied with physical strength, beauty, and health and is now encountering the unprecedented realities of longevity and extended illness. How can Jewish views of the body inform these modern sensibilities and challenges? What can Jewish ethics about the body teach us about distinct Jewish approaches to human life, and senses of self and self-worth? What Jewish values can we use to lead ethical, embodied Jewish lives?


The Shalom Hartman Institute Community Leadership Summer Retreat in Jerusalem is an annual weeklong seminar dealing with major questions facing Judaism in the modern age. The program, in operation for more than 20 years, takes place at the Institute's beautiful campus in the heart of Jerusalem and draws scores of North American lay leaders from across the continent and denominational spectrum.


The program is open to individuals of all denominations from across North America and elsewhere who seek to deepen their knowledge of Judaism and its pluralistic voices, and are committed to utilizing their influence and leadership to promote Jewish vitality in their community.


For more information and registration see The Shalom Hartman's Institute website.

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