Nation of Innovation: Israel Ecotourism Sites

Summer, 2013

Source: Reform Judaism Online


Israel is now a world leader in green innovation. Here is a sampling of the many initiatives open to the eco-traveler compiled by Darryl Egnal.


Among the locations listed:

Ariel Sharon Park and Mount Hiriya

Within the 2,000-acre Ariel Sharon Park in the heart of Greater Tel Aviv (Gush Dan) stands Mount Hiriya, a former environmental hazard turned into a national asset—indeed, one of the most successful reclamation projects in the world. For almost 50 years, Hiriya functioned as a landfill. Then, in 1999, when it had grown just under 200 feet tall, Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection decided to clean it up. In only two years it was transformed into a recycling park and environmental educational center which runs tours, movies, lectures, and seminars to educate the public about recycling.

Vertigo Eco-Art Village

Neve Midbar

About an hour south of Vertigo is Neve Midbar, a desert resort and thermal spa complex built around natural hot springs.

Chai Negev

Just four miles northwest of Neve Midbar, at Kibbutz Revivim’s Chai Negev zoological park, you can observe wolves, coyotes, foxes, and other desert animals in specially constructed habitats of mud, brick, and wood.

Nitzana Educational Community and Solar Park

After a 30-minute drive southwest, join the crowd at a massive tower that shades and cools the entrance to Nitzana Educational Community and Solar Park. A guide will take you through the park and demonstrate equipment used to recycle dew, distill fog for reuse, and desalinate seawater. You’ll also learn applications for different renewable energy sources—among them sun, wind, water, and gravity.

Kibbutz Lotan - Lotan Center for Creative Ecology

Ketura Sun

The Ecological Greenhouse — Kibbutz Ein Shemer

Agamon Hula Lake Ornithological and Nature Park

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Updated: Jun. 18, 2013