Building Progressive Zionist Activists: Exploring the Impact of Habonim Dror

December 1, 2013

Source: Habonim Dror Camp Association


Founded in 1935, Habonim Dror in North America – with its network of summer camps, local programming and Israel-based activities -- has directly touched on the order of 40,000 Jewish young people, but to date no social scientific survey has sought to understand the scope, depth and extent of its impact. This study, relying upon the responses of almost 2,000 Habonim Dror alumni, ages 18-83, represents a first attempt to assess the impact, and across a range of parameters.



The findings testify clearly to the impact of Habonim Dror upon the movement's alumni, be they in the United States, Israel, or elsewhere, especially in four areas:

  • The acquisition of very strong levels of Israel engagement, resulting in aliyah for over one –in-five, albeit with a return of nearly half the olim.
  • The formation of very progressive political values in the American context.
  • The crystallization of strong dovish views and identities with respect to Israel and its conflict with the Palestinians.
  • The formation of strong family ties and traditions centered around Habonim Dror.
Updated: Dec. 23, 2013