Join the Second Flipped Jewish Studies Classroom Cohort


Source: The Second Flipped Classroom Workshop Application


Following a successful pilot, The Lookstein Center and the UJA Federation of NY now invite day school educators (grades 2-12) working in NYC, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester to join the second cohort of Jewish studies teachers "flipping" Jewish learning. Selected candidates will work collaboratively with participants from other schools to learn about and practice blended learning in general and flipped learning methodology specifically. They will refine their skills and be at the forefront to build inter-school educational learning communities.


In flipped learning some of the frontal teaching is "offloaded" to videos that students view outside of the classroom, while class time is freed for discussions, collaborative, differentiation, and in-depth exploration.

  • Student learning time is maximized and individualized
  • Students are empowered to take control of their learning
  • Individual teacher-student time is enhanced without compromising the group learning.

This type of learning is appropriate for Jewish studies teachers from across the ideological spectrum as the teachers can maintain control over the content of the teaching even as they empower their students.


The one year program includes 1 two-day seminar and 2 one-day seminars (in the NY area) and monthly online web meetings.


Cost per participant: $500 (The participation fee includes educational video-editing software licenses and is most often covered by the teacher's school). Limited need-based subsidies are available.


The program is intended for Jewish studies teachers in the New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties. There may be limited space available for educators outside of the UJA-Federation of NY area (at additional expense to the school).


All other program expenses are covered by a generous grant from the UJA Federation of NY.

Updated: May. 07, 2014