MOFET Online International Conference: Ivrit B'Kavvanah T'Chila - Teaching Hebrew as an Additional Language to Diverse Populations in Israel and Around the World

May 10-11, 2015

Source: MOFET Online International Conference


MOFET International is proud to announce the launching of its online international conference website, Ivrit B'Kavvanah T'Chila - Teaching Hebrew as an Additional Language to Diverse Populations in Israel and Around the World. The online conference, to be conducted in Hebrew (Ivrit), is scheduled for May 10-11, 2015. The conference will focus on teaching Hebrew as an additional language to diverse populations in Israel and around the world, and on the challenges facing teachers, teacher educators, researchers, educators, and policy makers in the field. Researchers, educators, teacher educators and administrators are invited to submit proposals for presentations.


The revival of the Hebrew language constituted one of the focal points of the Zionist vision, as did the creation of a new Hebrew culture in the Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel. Today, it is necessary to teach Hebrew to unique populations for which it serves as an additional language: Jewish communities in the Diaspora, new immigrants, minorities in Israel, migrant workers, and other communities around the world.


The conference topics are drawn from this reality. During the conference, discussions will take place regarding issues such as the similarities and differences in the teaching of Hebrew to diverse populations, and the implications of suitable ways of teaching for each population; the continuum between Hebrew as a language of identity and culture on the one hand and Hebrew as a language of communication and as a tool for fitting into Israeli society on the other; and the teaching of written Hebrew vs. the teaching of spoken Hebrew.


Among the conference lecturers:

  • Prof. Elite Olshtein – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Prof. Shmuel Bolozky – University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
  • Prof. Moshe Bar-Asher – President of the Academy of the Hebrew Language
  • Prof. Vardit Ringvald – Middlebury College, Vermont, USA
  • Prof. Ora Schwarzwald – Bar-Ilan University

For more information visit the Online Conference website.

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