A New Tool to Foster Jewish Identity in the Diaspora: Israel Education

July 10, 2014

Source: The Jerusalem Post


Some 140 Jewish educators from 16 countries participated this week in the First International Dialog on The Israel Educator.


The four-day conference in the capital was organized by the World Zionist Organization, the ministries of Education, International Affairs and Strategy, and Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, and the iCenter for Israel Education.


The conference was built around the idea that there is a need to develop a common language toward fostering an attachment to Israel among youth in the Diaspora. The program aims to address issues relating to the role of the Israel educator in facilitating this process and strengthening Jewish identity and acceptance of the Jewish state.


A diverse group of educators from Israel, the United States and other countries participated in the conference, from Chabad rabbis to female rabbis, from young informal educators to the head of the largest network of Jewish day schools in the US, as well as principals of schools in Argentina and Uruguay.


Through dialogue, lectures and field experiences, the conference aimed to provide educators with practical tools to impart to their students and communities. One such tool stemming from the conference is the establishment of the first professional network of Israel educators.


Other themes discussed at the conference included understanding the Israel educator’s identity, the language and terminology used in building Jewish narratives, the place of Israel and Judaism in education, and collaboration in Israel education among Jewish educators and institutions worldwide.


On the third day of the conference Dr. Esther Kalnisky, Dr. Elaine Hoter and Reuven Werber of the MOFET Institute held a workshop on Digital Altneuland - Using Technology in Israel Education.


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Updated: Jul. 16, 2014