Israeli Teachers' Salaries Rise 54% in Past Decade

March 3, 2015

Source: Globes


The salaries of teachers and inspectors in Israel's education system have risen 54% over the past decade from an average of NIS 6,807 per month to NIS 10,438, the Central Bureau of Statistics reports. In real terms (after the rise in the Consumer Price Index is deducted) this is a rise of 29%. The salaries of teachers in haredi high schools is only half that of their colleagues in state high schools.


The rapid rise of teacher's salaries has significantly improved their standing in relation to other sectors in the economy. In 2003-2005, teachers' salaries were the same as the average salary in the Israeli economy but today the average teachers' salary of NIS 10,438 is well above the average salary in the economy of NIS 9,150.


However, the average salary of female teachers, at NIS 10,129 is still below the average male salary in the Israeli economy of NIS 10,953.


The average salary of a male teacher today is NIS 12,051.
A teachers' starting salary has risen by 50% from NIS 4,000 in 2007 to NIS 6,000 in 2012.

Updated: Mar. 11, 2015