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VIsrael is a video-based tool to help educators supplement year round programming about Israel, Jewish and Hebrew education. Visrael provides innovative online learning opportunities about Israel for children ages 5-10. The videos feature a mix of stop motion animation and live action documentary with real Israeli children in order to bring Israel to life for young learners. —All videos are available in both English and Hebrew to promote content based Hebrew learning. The videos are also perfect for families to watch at home to learn about Israel.


Each lesson explores topics children easily relate to such as Israeli sports, environment, technology, and daily life, etc. They have the opportunity to learn about Israel from their Israeli peers and feel a connection to them.


The 5 videos in each unit in English & Hebrew are accompanied by work sheets and a teacher' s guide with creative activity ideas related to the videos' subjects.

VIsrael is designed to enhance:

  • any Israel education program
  • an existing Hebrew curriculum
  • Hebrew immersion programs
  • programs about Jewish holidays and history
  • learning for families at home

Among VIsrael's units are one on Pesach and another on Yom Haatzmaut (Israel Independence Day).

For a limited time, you can try VIsrael at no cost for your first month.

Updated: Apr. 20, 2015