Israeli Museums Portal


Source: Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport 


Museums in Israel – the National Portal is the first project of its kind to showcase Israel's development in the preservation and nurturing of culture and heritage in the digital age.The portal is a gateway, by means of which the collections of Israel's museums are revealed and displayed to the general public throughout the world. The museums' collections, which are visually outstanding, can be located and retrieved on any computer, tablet or smartphone, simply, easily and quickly.


The portal is the digital gateway to a wealth of content and information on the museums of Israel, their permanent and temporary exhibitions and the items in the museums' collections.


The portal is open and freely accessible to the general public in Israel and elsewhere and has been developed to meet the needs of a number of audiences: researchers, students, teachers, tourists (domestic and incoming), families, visitors to museums on a regular basis, and new or walk-in visitors. Internet surfers will be treated to a visual experience, along with rich content and user-friendly tools for inquiry, retrieval, comparison and saving.


Hundreds of thousands of items worthy of public attention have been chosen from among the vast collections, to be exhibited via the museum portal. Photographs of them appear on the portal, along with much information about them, such as: artist/creator; period; style; description; history; technique; origin, etc.


The portal features world-renowned items alongside little-known pieces that are now revealed to the public for the first time. Taken together, they create an impressive, unique mosaic of culture and heritage.

In addition, as the result of cooperation between Israel and Europe, the portal can be used to access Europeana, the pan-European digital library, for surfers to find, retrieve, watch and research material. The portal also features advanced tools for retrieving items and comparing between them.

Updated: Jun. 24, 2015