Brazilian ‘Model Knesset’ Event Draws 120 Young Jewish, Non-Jewish Applicants

August 21, 2015

Source: JTA


The Jewish Agency for Israel is organizing a model-Knesset event in Brazil for 120 young Jews and non-Jews who will simulate the work of the parliament in Jerusalem. The “Model Knesset” event, which is scheduled to take place in Sao Paulo next month for the second consecutive year, will feature two days of mock votes and deliberations meant to simulate the Knesset. The event on Sept. 6-7 is designed so that all major Jewish streams and political movements are represented, according to a statement about the project published last week on the website of CONIB, the umbrella group of Brazil’s Jewish communities. Delegates will include Israeli Russians, Ethiopians, Haredi Orthodox Jews and secular Jews under age 26.


But participants will not all necessarily be able to choose which party or stream they will represent at the event, according to the statement, which said that those who registered early will have priority in this regard over latecomers.

The exercise is meant to “get to know the complexities of social, religious, diplomatic and cultural issues in the State of Israel and the Middle East” and “experience the atmosphere in which decisions are taken” in the Jewish state.

Updated: Sep. 16, 2015