Be`eri School for Teacher Education – Celebrating the First Five Years

June 9, 2015

Source: Shalom Hartman Institute


The , established in partnership with Keren Karev in 2010, is today the largest and most intensive Tarbut Yisrael (Jewish heritage studies) teacher-training program in the country. The wide geographic reach, from the main Jerusalem campus to Be'er Sheva in the south and Karmiel in the north, the significant number of teachers trained annually, breadth of study required for certification, and the quality and depth of study have made the School a leader in strengthening pluralistic Jewish-Israeli education among educators in secular Israeli high schools.


Through intensive two-year training courses for teachers, the School has developed a pluralistic and democratic Jewish-Israeli identity discourse among Tarbut Yisrael educators, providing them with pedagogic tools, and inspiring them to promote educational agendas that focus on Jewish identity education. Graduates receive Ministry of Education certification as Tarbut Yisrael teachers. A track for high school principals and directors of community and municipal centers meets at the Jerusalem campus every two weeks to discuss the practical application of Tarbut Yisrael in their schools or organizations.


The 2014-15 academic year saw teacher-training cohorts open at the School's branches in Jerusalem and Be'er Sheva. Much of last year's curriculum in all branches focused on Judaism and democracy, pluralism, and our attitudes towards "the other" in all their complexity. Both the Jerusalem and Karmiel branches graduated teachers' cohorts this past June. Teachers who studied at the School attest to its success in empowering educators to promote Tarbut Yisrael in their schools and the wider community. These educators, who have the power to affect change far beyond their classrooms, have been instrumental in shifting Jewish studies from a marginal discipline into a cornerstone of secular high school education.


Next year, more than 150 educators will participate in training. More than 60 educators will study in municipal programs. Hundreds more will participate in one-day seminars. The Experiential Jewish Education track will grow as we move the Jewish culture dialogue from the classroom to the wider community through initiatives such as the partnership with the Israeli Scouts.


The Be'eri team is looking back at 5775 with a great sense of accomplishment. Participant feedback was excellent and we are gearing up for the coming year. We are excited to report that Dr. Channa Pinchasi, who served as director of the School's Jerusalem branch in the 2014-15 academic year, will become National Director of the Be'eri School for Teacher Education, responsible for all three campuses.


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Updated: Jan. 06, 2016