HaYidion Call for Proposals: The Power of Collaboration


Source: NewOrg 


We encourage you or your colleagues to submit a proposal for the fall issue of HaYidion. This publication about Jewish day school education is continuing under the auspices of the new day school organization: We are starting with a theme that resonates strongly with the ethos and aspirations of NewOrg: The Power of Collaboration.

Article topics may include, but are not limited, to:

  • Why do we collaborate? Theory of collaboration
  • What is the power of collaboration in the world of Jewish education? When, why and how does it have a transformative impact?
  • What does successful collaboration look like in Jewish education?
  • Fieldwide collaboration—what exists and what would we wish for?
  • Discussions of specific varieties of collaboration, with takeaways and reflections on best practices:
    With local synagogues
    With a synagogue in which a day school is housed
    With youth groups
    With Federations
    With the larger Jewish community
    With other day schools
    With other schools—not Jewish day schools, public and private
    With a college/university
    Within the school:
    staff and the board
    between departments
    with parents
  • Collaboration as an educational goal for 21st century learning
  • Collaborations for—such as:
    For sustainability (endowment, affordability, fund development, etc.)
    For recruitment
    For Jewish education
    For student ethical and spiritual growth
  • Collaboration as a leadership strategy
  • Use of social media and technology for collaboration
  • In large schools, collaboration between separate campuses, faculties

We look for articles that present ideas in fresh ways, offer the new, lesser known and unexpected, engage with the current literature and trends, and have an eye trained on innovative, successful initiatives.

Please send short proposals, 1-3 sentences only, to me  by July 1, 2016. I will review proposals after July 4th and respond to all proposals at that time. Article deadline: August 22, 2016. No article will be considered without an accepted proposal. Articles are ca. 1000-2000 words in length.

Updated: Jun. 22, 2016