Announcing edJEWcon’s Blogging Challenge


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12. Over the next few weeks edJEWcon will publish 18 Blogging Challenges to support you in becoming a blogger helping to transform Jewish Day School education ONE blog at a time. We encourage you to participate as part of becoming a connected Jewish Day School educator & administrator as well as reflective, 21st century learner. The challenges are strategically designed to help you get acquainted with the basics of blogging (creating pages and posts, process of writing and publishing text, images, audio and video, linking, reflecting and experimenting with different topics and styles of blogging). The challenge rules are flexible. There are 18 days of challenges. Feel free to do one challenge a day or one challenge a week in order to complete the entire challenge. There is a strategic sequence to the challenges, but feel free to skip around. You could complete Challenge 16 before you do Challenge 4.

Why does education need transformation?

The short answer is this: in a rapidly changing world, what worked 10 years ago, last year, even last month, may not be sufficient to meet the need to prepare students for the world of now and tomorrow. We must address problems that we’re only beginning to understand and teach skills for careers that haven’t yet been invented. There is an urgency to adjust the rate of change in education to the rate of change in our outside world. “If a teacher is ONLY using the same resources and teaching the same skills they were using five years ago, they are guilty of educational malpractice.” Suan Yeo, Google Education Evangelist.

Why blogs as the vehicle for transformation?

Blogs, depending on the needs, interests, voice, skills and situation of each unique blog owner, aid in personal reflection as well as being the vehicle to be exposed to and gaining skills and confidence in ALL modern litearcies (global, media, network, information & digital citizenship). Blogs also, whether being specifically used as portfolios or not, share best and innovative practices, document growth over time, become a landing page for our (professional) identities as learners to connect with a global audience and provide a place to curate and house resources for the use of oneself and others.

Updated: Feb. 06, 2017