2017 Hebrew College Early Childhood Jewish Education Conference

Dec. 11-12, 2017
The Early Childhood Institute at Hebrew College will hold its Eighth Annual Early Childhood Jewish Education Conference on Monday-Tuesday, December 11 and 12, 2017, at Hebrew College, 160 Herrick Road, in Newton, Massachusetts. The lens for this year's conference is "People of the Book".
Who are the “People,” which “Book” are we referring to, and what is the relationship between the two? 
We invite you to join us and examine this question with scholars and experts. Conference participants will also explore ways to share the answers with diverse learners and families who have different backgrounds and familiarity with Jewish texts, stories, traditions and the Hebrew language.  Below are some examples of opportunities at this year’s conference:
  • Learn how to create sensory-rich experiences that will ignite the souls of young children through art, drama, music, storytelling and Hebrew language.

  • Discover ways to make the stories and values of Jewish texts alive, relevant and accessible for both diverse learners and today’s multi-cultural families. 

  • Uncover how the Bible became holy with Brown University Prof. Michael Satlow, author of the book, “How the Bible Became Holy.”

  • Be inspired by guest speaker MIT Prof. Jeff Hoffman, who was the first male Jewish astronaut to bring the Torah into space.

The Hebrew College annual early childhood Jewish education conference is designed for educators of all levels and backgrounds, clergy, and professionals working with young children (infants through second grade) and their families in all formal and informal educational settings.

Updated: Jul. 23, 2017