Rosh Hodesh: It's a Girl Thing!


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Rosh Hodesh: It’s a Girl Thing! is the first proactive, informal education program that uses Judaism to enrich the lives of girls. It draws on Jewish tradition to give girls a place to feel safe, articulate their questions and concerns, have fun, and be ‘real’ with their peers. Small groups of girls meet monthly with a carefully trained adult leader who uses a step-by-step manual. Through discussion, arts & crafts and drama, the girls integrate core Jewish values as they focus on the things they care about most, such as body image, friendship, relationships, competition, stress and family


The program was developed and is implemented by Moving Traditions an educational organization which helps women and men, boys and girls engage more deeply with Judaism, using gender as its educational framework.


In 2007-2008, It’s a Girl Thing! institutional partners – JCCs, synagogues and day schools of all denominations – operated more than 240 groups for girls across North America.

The Rosh Hodesh Program:

Supplies a rich and award-winning curriculum including:
• Sourcebook for Leaders, up to five years of monthly plans
• Manual for Group Leaders, which provides an array of helpful resources
• Manual for Supervisors
• Relevant articles and resources

Offers valuable two-day training — new group leaders and supervisors from across North America gather for highly rated training covering:
• Issues facing adolescent girls today
• Building and leading Rosh Hodesh groups
• Getting the most from the Sourcebook for Leaders
• Leading rituals, discussions, and other activities
• Marketing and recruitment for program success

Provides consultation and ongoing support
• Conference calls with national staff
• Monthly tips for group leaders
• Monitored listserv for group leaders
• Password-protected website with tool kit for group leaders that includes templates, best practices
   gathered from experienced group leaders, PR material and other useful resources
• One-to-one consultations whenever needed

Updated: Sep. 25, 2008