Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation


Source: Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation


Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation (JPEF) showcases a different aspect of the Holocaust by highlighting the 20,000 to 30,000 Jews who courageously fought back against the Nazis and their collaborators. JPEF’s goal is to foster an enduring sense of Jewish identity and pride in Jewish youth by offering positive images of partisan freedom fighters through film and other media created by JPEF and made available freely on its website.


JPEF has produced a comprehensive new interactive curriculum called RESIST, designed to transmit the enduring understandings arising from the stories of the Jewish partisans. RESIST is designed for 6th-12th grade students in formal and informal settings and is now being implemented in Jewish and secular schools worldwide. RESIST includes lesson plans, activities and study guides which utilize a rich collection of educational resources many of which are presented on JPEF's website including: short films, video clips, 3-D environments, curriculum, study guides, biographies, and interactive interfaces. Planned additions to the site include an archive of partisan songs, interactive maps, diaries, and timelines.


In addition to distributing its materials on its website and through various educational institutions, JPEF provides other services to the community including teacher trainings, a speakers' bureau and a variety of presentations.

Updated: Sep. 25, 2008