Serving Diverse Learners in Jewish Day Schools

Jun. 03, 2006

Source: Serving Diverse Learners in Jewish Day Schools


PEJE and the BJE of Greater Boston have collaborated to create this publication about the noteworthy Jewish day school programs that exist across the country to meet the needs of diverse learners.


It draws together current information about special education programs from 22 schools located in different states across the USA—Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Illinois, California, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey to meet the needs of professional and lay leaders, teachers, and parents.


For professional and lay leaders, the publication provides descriptions of existing programs, emphasizing their noteworthy practices and including contact information.


For special and regular education teachers (secular and Judaic studies), there is information about instructional practices.


Parents who refer to this resource will find out about programs, services, and resources, and the role they can play in collaboration with schools to meet their children’s needs.


The publication is divided into five sections:

• Special Education Programs
• Local BJE’s
• Special Education Resources
• Matrices
• Bibliography and Resources


The data is organized alphabetically, but the appendices provide other ways of finding programs, such as location and types and severity of disabilities.

Updated: Oct. 04, 2008