Israel Seminar for Diaspora Hebrew Teachers

December 23-28, 2018

The Department of Education of the World Zionist Organization is pleased to announce a seminar for Hebrew teachers from the Diaspora, to be held in Israel on December 23-28, 2018. The seminar, which is being held for the third successive year, aims to deepen the professional training of Hebrew teachers, to provide them with teaching tools, to improve their familiarity with Israeli culture, to develop a fruitful discussion about the state of Hebrew and its teaching and to develop Jewish educational leadership.

The seminar will include a variety of lectures, workshops and educational encounters, alongside visits to leading educational institutions, educational tours and cultural events. The seminar will be held in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv on December 23-28, 2018. The participants’ stay in Israel will be financed by the Department of Education of the WZO, and the participants are responsible for flight fees and transportation from and to the airport.

The seminar is geared for teachers who teach Hebrew throughout the Diaspora. Those who wish to attend are requested to send their CV (in Hebrew) and a letter of recommendation from the institution where they teach (in Hebrew or English), by September 1, 2018, to the director of the Hebrew unit, Inbal Barel (Gottesman). 


Updated: Aug. 14, 2018