Leaders for Tikkun Olam

January – August, 2009

Source: Leaders for Tikkun Olam


"Leaders for Tikkun Olam" is a newly launching leadership program providing young professionals from Israel and around the Jewish world the opportunity to live, learn and contribute together to communities in need in Israel and in developing countries while building a future leadership for their own communities of origin. The eight month program in Israel and India provides training and action in Tikkun Olam ("fixing the world") preparing the participants to become leaders of an international Jewish service corps.


The program has three phases:

  • The Israeli experience. Participants share four months of studying, training, volunteering and group-building process in Israel while being intensely involved in Israel's dynamic social and cultural life.
  • Humanitarian work in India. Participants will volunteer in a humanitarian project for three months, gaining valuable experience in hands - on community empowerment work.
  • Back in Israel and building the future. One month of advancing long term Jewish-Israeli world–wide Tikkun Olam enterprises, evaluation and assessment. Upon return to their communities of origin, LEADERS alumni will function as an "International Jewish Service Corps" around the world.

Two sessions of the "Leaders" program are scheduled for 2009, one beginning in January, 2009, the second beginning in September, 2009.

The "Leaders" program is affiliated with the MASA organization and is run from Israel by Adam LeAdam.

Updated: Oct. 29, 2008