Awards for the Winners of the MOFET International Writing Competition

December, 2018

Source: MOFET International


The MOFET International Hebrew Writing Competition for 2019 has come to an exciting conclusion, with 165 entries that met the requirements of the competition. The entries were classified according to three age groups (preschoolers - preschool to grade 3, primary and middle schools, high schools, universities and adults). Each age group was divided into three levels of Hebrew, beginner level, intermediate level , and advanced level). The entries came from many countries: Austria, Ukraine, Argentina, USA, Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel, Mexico, France, South Korea, Canada and Russia.

The competition’s panel of judges included:

Dr. Asi Sharon - Head of Asif Publishing and Asif Writing and Editing Center and Head of the Center for Literacy at the Levinsky College of Education

Rachel Lerner Moore - Expert in teaching Hebrew as an additional language, developing study materials, translator, teacher and tutor

Dana Pelleg - poet, writer, journalist, editor and translator, winner of the Andersen Medal of 2018.

The judges received all the works printed in a uniform font and without identifying details of the writers. They chose the best piece of work, in their opinion, in each group. There was usually unanimity regarding the winning work, but when there were differences of opinion - the piece that received fewer votes received a citation certificate.

The following Types of Certificates were awarded in each categorie:

First place for works that received a majority of the judge’s votes.

A commendation for works with a score very close to that of the first place.

Certificate of participation and attaining the final stage for works that received high marks, but not enough for first place or for honorable mention.

Participants who did not reach the above stages received a certificate of general participation.

Click here to see the names of the winners and the winning entries.


Updated: Jan. 10, 2019