Ivrit B’Darkenu – Professional Hebrew Instruction for Torah Based Institutions


Source: Ivrit B’Darkenu

Ivrit B’Darkenu (Hebrew Our Way) is a newly established non-profit organization, designed to address the needs of Torah based institutions to enhance Hebrew and Lashon Hakodesh education for a variety of populations, settings, and formats.

Students will have the opportunity to acquire high functional abilities and to experience a sense of success and belonging.
The resulting advancement of Hebrew and Limudai Kodesh instruction in Torah-based educational institutions, including schools, camps, and community programs, will enable thousands of students to learn and acquire Hebrew and Lashon Hakodesh in a meaningful and experiential way.

Joining the Ivrit B’Darkenu network will provide both short- and long-term benefits.
It will streamline Hebrew and Lashon Hakodesh’s acquisition in educational institutions and provide invaluable training for Hebrew and Limudai Kodesh teacher teams. In the long term, it will give educators an opportunity to earn academic credit and receive professional certification in language instruction.

Hebrew Our Way - an online course

"Hebrew Our Way" is pleased to offer a training course for teachers in Religious and Haredi Schools in the Diaspora.

The course will address various topics related to the teaching of the Hebrew language in Torah based schools.
The participants will acquire meaningful insights and pedagogical and didactic tools, for teaching Ivrit as a second language, with emphasis and specific attention to the needs of religious and ultra-Orthodox schools.

The course will be taught by the director of Ivrit B’Darkenu, Mrs. Dvora Kaplan MA, a graduate of Middlebury College.

Graduates of the course will receive a diploma from Universidad Hebraica of Mexico and Ivrit B’Darkenu.

In addition to the course hours, teachers will be given five hours of counseling and guidance on how to develop a curriculum and build subject units that are suitable for the needs of the students, free access to instructional materials, and access to a forum for teachers, specializing in the Hebrew Language.

For more information about the course syllabus, dates and registration, check the Ivrit B’darkenu website.

Updated: Feb. 12, 2020