YouTube Taps ADL As Partner In Fight Against Hate

Dec. 11, 2008

Source: ADL


The popular video sharing website, YouTube, has turned to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to contribute to its newly launched Abuse & Safety Center, where users are empowered to identify and confront hate, and to report abuses. The Safety Center features information and links to resources developed by ADL to help Internet users respond to and report offensive material and extremist content that violates YouTube's Community Guidelines on hate speech.

The YouTube Abuse & Safety Center was unveiled on December 11 at the annual conference of the Family Online Safety Institute in Washington D.C. A link to the Center is also available at the bottom of every YouTube page.


Since the advent of the Internet, ADL has played a leading role in working to combat hate on the Internet through education and advocacy. The League monitors extremism and hate on the Internet and works with major service providers, including Google, to identify and respond to offensive content. Last year, the League launched a major initiative to counteract cyberbullying by providing access to educational resources and information to parents, teachers, students and caregivers.

Updated: Dec. 18, 2008