A Corner Stone: Building Education and Teacher Education Systems in Times of Crises and Changes – An Online International Study-Day

June 30, 2020

Source:  MOFET International 


The MOFET Institute is honored to invite you to take part in this most important and relevant International Study-Day on Building Education and Teacher Education Systems in Times of Crises and Changes. The event will take place on Tuesday June 30 between 4:00 PM – 9:30 PM Israel time and will be conducted in English. Participation in the event is entirely free of charge but requires registration in advance.

The corona pandemic has raised global questions – questions that cross borders, countries, societies and cultures. This makes it possible to hold worldwide reciprocal discussion everywhere and, on every level – from the country, through the region, and down to the individual educational institution. Some of the questions raised are: Are we prepared to cope with the difficulties and phenomena created? What damage was caused to the learning process, to the students as well as to the system? What are the methods we chose to cope with the crisis, what did we give up, and why? In retrospect, if we had been able to anticipate what happened, how could we have better prepared ourselves? And most important, what are the immediate lessons to be learned from this period in order to be prepared for future catastrophes? It is important to clarify what positive insights arose from our coping, in what direction we expect to continue what started or was strengthened during this period. And more, that is, to try to image how we would like to see the further development of the education and teacher education systems in the coming decades.

During this study day, we will try to learn from each other, from system to system, from practice to research and from theory to practice, and to feel our mutual responsibility for the system in which we believe.

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Updated: Jun. 15, 2020