B'Lev Echad – World Wide Online Hachnassat Sefer Torah & Siyum

February 24, 2009

Source: B'lev Echad


Rosh Chodesh Adar, Feb. 24, 2009, will mark the first yartzeit of the eight young men who were murdered by a Palestinian terrorist at the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva last year.


To commemorate this tragedy, a new project, B’Lev Echad, hopes to unite the global Jewish community through a program of learning Torah and doing mitzvot in memory of those who died and devoted their lives to these causes. The project will culminate with a siyum of The Talmud and The Tanach and the dedication of eight Sifrei Torah at Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav in Jerusalem, Israel on Rosh Chodesh, with a program to be broadcast live via the internet to all corners of the world.


Jewish communities and educational institutions around the world are called upon to participate in the educational activities to commemorate the eight yeshiva students who were committed to Torah study and mitzvot and take part in the online Sefer Torah dedications and completion of the Talmud and Tanach.


This project is being coordinated by a volunteer committee of non-partisan young people who hope to create an unprecedented celebration of unity to commemorate these students and the Torah to which they were so committed.


The B'lev Echad website contains details of the project, the scheduled broadcast, suggested related school and communal activities and contact information.

Updated: Jan. 01, 2009