Green Project Brings Together US, Israeli Pupils

Jun 7, 2009

Source: Jerusalem Post


Sviva Israel and the Jewish Agency's Partnership 2000 of New Jersey-Delaware/Arad-Tamar are finishing a successful first year that paired two Israeli schools with two US schools in their Eco-Connection program.


The Eco-Connection project, which began in January, 2009, focused on measuring pupils' ecological footprints and teaching the three basic tenets of environmental behavior - reduce, reuse, recycle.


Pupils surveyed their ecological footprints and worked on campaigns to get their schools to reduce water and energy use. They also learned about Jewish responses to environmentalism as well as environmentally clean technologies.


The Eco- Connection Project brought the students of the two American and two Israeli schools together to collaboratively plan and carry out their respective environmental projects. They used a project blog to communicate with each other by writing, posting digital presentations and video clips. The social media tools used by the students helped them bridge the miles to get to know each other and work together.


The four schools participating in the project were the Albert Einstein Academy of Wilmington, Delaware, the Six-Year School of Kibbutz Ein Gedi, Solomon Schechter of Monmouth and Ocean, New Jersey, and the Yeelim-Ofarim School of Arad.


Sviva Israel is planning to expand the next school year's project to 12 schools.

Updated: Jun. 22, 2009