The Open Source Haggadah


Source: The Open Source Haggadah


The Open Source Haggadah is a prototype for a software framework which would allow groups and individuals to compose their own prayer books online by compiling pre-written texts via a simple-to-use visual interface.


The site allows registered visitors to build a Passover Haggadah for their own use. To do so, they can select scripture, translation, commentary, songs/readings, rituals, and/or illustrations for any or all of the fifteen sections of the Haggadah. Site users can also make their own contributions to any section of the Haggadah for the benefit of the other users.


Since its initial launch in March of 2003, The Open Source Judaism Project, which created OSH, has gone through various transformations (among them, becoming an umbrella project of Matzat a non-profit organization founded by The Open Source Judaism Project's director, Daniel Sieradski).


The Open Source Judaism Project is presently working to create a new software framework which incorporates and advances the technology they developed for OSH. They believe it will exceed all expectations had for this project, and that it may very well revolutionize the way in which Jews engage with Judaism.


The developments of this project may be followed at the Jew It Yourself website.

Updated: Jun. 22, 2009