- Israeli Students Launch Jewish Hospitality Scheme

June 28, 2009

Source: Haaretz


Four Israeli students have just launched the world's first web-based hospitality project for Jews, allowing members of the tribe from all over the world to meet online and then stay at each other's homes instead of staying at a hotel.


The model of the new website is based on the CouchSurfing Project, the world's largest free, Internet-based, international hospitality exchange network. Jewgether allows travelers to get in touch with people who registered themselves on the site as willing to host Jewish tourists. The site contains information about the level of religious observance of each prospective host.


Jewgether has 3 main goals:

  • Strengthen the relations among Jewish communities around the world
  • Strengthen the relations between Jews in the Diaspora and the people of Israel
  • Strengthen the Jewish identity of Jews all over the world

Jewgether's mission is to encourage Jews all over the world to open their homes, hearts and minds to each other. No matter what kind of a Jew one is, Jewgether offers an opportunity to get acquainted with and to learn from each other.

About the Project

The Jewgether idea was initiated by 16 students from the Technion – Israel's Institute of Technology and the Haifa University in Israel. Each of the students was part of a StandWithUs Fellowship, aiming at empowering Israeli young adults to be informed, active and globally-minded future leaders.


Put together on a shoestring budget, Jewgether received sponsorship and endorsement from StandWithUs, the Jewish Agency, The Word Zionist Organization and the Israeli Foreign Ministry.


The project has so far attracted 150 registered users from 13 countries, including Ecuador, Austria and China.

Updated: Jun. 30, 2009