Moishe House Receives New $1.25m. Grant from Jim Joseph


Source: Moishe House


Moishe House, a network of 25 homes throughout the world that serve as grassroots community centers for the young adult Jewish community ages 21-30, announced yesterday that they have received a four-year $1.25 million grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation (JJF). This funding, along with a grant from the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation (CLSFF) made in September, 2008 will be used to enhance Moishe House’s core operations, expand its reach to a total of 34 cities over the next four years, and hire a full-time Jewish educator to support house residents.


In January, 2006, Moishe House opened its first house in Oakland, California, with four Jewish friends who were all excited by the idea of creating a vibrant Jewish community out of their own home. Since opening its first house, Moishe House now has 25 houses in 7 countries that serve as hubs for the young adult Jewish community with an emphasis on ages 21-30. Moishe House provides a rent subsidy and a program budget for a handful of young, eager, innovative Jews to live in and create their vision of an ideal Jewish communal space.


Each house is unique in its programming and personality. The programming offered in each house includes social service programs, religious opportunities, inter-cultural dialogue, book clubs, Yiddish classes, outdoor adventures, and much more. Each Moishe House hosts between 50 and 300 young Jewish adults each month. The programming of each house is shared through the online Moishe House community as well as through annual retreats for Moishe House residents. Programs are evaluated by national Moishe House staff at the beginning of each month.


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Updated: Jun. 28, 2009