Omanoot - Israel Through Art


Source: Omanoot


Omanoot, which means 'art' in Hebrew, is a web-based non-profit organization formed to promote and teach about Israeli culture through classic and contemporary Israeli art, in order to strengthen connections to Israel as well as Jewish Identity.


Omanoot will offer access to Israeli art (film, music and visual art) online and the ability to download media at an affordable price.


Omanoot creates comprehensive educational materials based on Israeli art and makes them available for download online.


Omanoot designs and coordinates educational arts and culture programming for organized groups coming to Israel.


Omanoot develops lesson plans that use art as the catalyst to delve into the complexities of contemporary Israel. Lesson plans include creative activities that directly engage students to think critically and share personal opinions with their peers. Uniquely, Omanoot lesson plans are written in conjunction with Israeli artists, transforming the curriculum into an innovative learning tool.


Omanoot lesson plans have been implemented in Jewish day and community schools in North America as well as in Israeli schools.


A number of sample lesson plans dealing with Jewish and Israeli holidays and memorial days are available on the website.


Educators can also subscribe to the Omanoot digital newsletter to receive word of newly produced lesson plans.


The Omanoot educational staff is available for consultation on the development of custom Israeli art based curricula and lesson plans.

Updated: Jul. 30, 2009