Lookstein Center's Remote Teacher Program


Source: The Lookstein Center


Lookstein Center's Remote Teacher Program addresses a current challenge facing Jewish education: the dearth of quality Jewish Studies teachers in small, isolated North American communities. The program gives these schools the opportunity to hire master Jewish Studies teachers residing in Israel. Using video conferencing technology, which allows for simultaneous audio and video broadcasting and interactive whiteboards, the teachers in Israel teach full courses in North American schools. The program can still accommodate two more schools during the coming school year.


How does it work?


The Remote Teacher is a full-fledged staff member of the school and teaches according to the school curriculum, academic standards, and mission statement of the school. The Remote Teacher plans the course, assigns homework, sets quizzes and tests, and grades the students according to school standards. In fact, the Remote Teacher participates fully in school life. Remote Teachers currently teach courses in Tanach (Bible), Prayer, Comparative Jewish and American Law, Jewish Identity and Israel Studies. The lessons are an integral part of the school curriculum. Remote Teachers currently teach lessons from grade 4-12.


Who are the Remote Teachers?


Remote Teachers are selected jointly by The Lookstein Center and the participating school. The school sends The Lookstein Center a profile of its ideal teacher and the subject matter to be taught. The Lookstein Center then conducts a search for appropriate candidates. All candidates are native English-speakers with extensive experience in the classroom. The school conducts interviews and then selects the teacher.


The program is funded by a generous grant from the Avi Chai Foundation.

Updated: Aug. 24, 2009