WebYeshiva's Free Elul Semester

Aug. 30-Sept. 25, 2009

Source: WebYeshiva


The upcoming semester of the WebYeshiva, which begins August 30th, includes over 40 hours a week of free online, live, fully-interactive classes in Gemara, Chumash and Tanach, Machshava, Chassidut, Halacha, and more, all geared towards getting you ready for the High Holidays.


The primary factor that distinguishes WebYeshiva from other available online Torah sites is the interactive nature of the classes. By utilizing easily accessible yet advanced video conferencing program the Yeshiva is brought to students wherever they are and whenever they have time. The virtual classroom enables students to see and hear each other as well as the instructor. This classroom participation is an essential element of the WebYeshiva method of online Torah study.


A selection of some of the Elul semester classes includes:

Halachic Framework for Meaningful Yamim Noraim
Rabbi Avi Weinstein

Sara and Chana: The Women of the High Holidays
Mrs. Naomi Berman

Hilchot Teshuva
Rabbi Chaim Brovender

Chassidic Thought on the Yamim Noraim
Rabbi Shlomo Katz

Not Just Words: Rethinking the High Holiday Prayers
Rabbi Gidon Rothstein

Sefer Yona (The Book of Jonah)
Rabbi Dani Goldstein

Updated: Aug. 24, 2009