Teaching About the Holocaust – An Online Workshop


Sorce: USHMM


This online workshop includes video segments from a workshop presented in Baltimore, Maryland. The guidelines and methodological suggestions in these video segments are at the core of every teacher workshop and conference presented by the Museum. They are offered here for teachers who are unable to attend a professional development program presented by the Museum. In addition to video of the actual workshop session, segments include historical and artifact photographs, text, and links to related sites within the Museum’s Web site.


The first part of this online workshop, Before you start teaching, will ask you to consider your rationale for teaching the history of the Holocaust.


Then, reflect on Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust.

A list of Topics to Teach for the study of the Holocaust follows the Guidelines.


Next, two guest speakers continue the workshop: Nesse Godin, a Holocaust survivor from Lithuania, shares her memories, and Dr. William Meinecke then discusses Nazi ideology and why the Nazis targeted the Jews and other groups.


Finally, several sample lessons suggest ways to respond to frequently asked questions. The Museum will be adding more segments and sample lessons in time.

Updated: Aug. 25, 2009