Eye 2 Israel


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In the unique Eye 2 Israel educational project, the students of the ORT Israel Network share their experiences of growing up in Israel and strive to maintain the positive image of the country in the eyes of site visitors all around the world. The students write on the project website in English and other languages, reacting to recent events, the Arab – Israeli conflict, the achievements of Israeli athletes, scientists, artists and more. They also contact other teenagers around the world and discuss their lives in Israel, invite discussion on social networks and websites and bring new people into the project.


The Eye 2 Israel project has been operational since 2003 as part of the Student Community Program at the ORT Israel Network and is managed by its center for research and development.


An exclusive course of "Young Diplomats" for project participants is held under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which supports the project, regarding it to be of utmost importance. The participating students undergo in-depth training on issues concerning Israel, the policies of public diplomacy and tools for advocacy and public debate.

Updated: Dec. 23, 2009