Eyes on Israel Updates


Source: CAMERA


CAMERA - The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America has begun to send out periodic “Eyes on Israel Updates” to recipients of the "Eyes on Israel" curriculum. These updates connect lesson plans in the existing curriculum to new articles and insights from CAMERA’s home Web site and its blog, Snapshots, as well as other sources. The updates relate to the ongoing problems of the world’s news media in reporting accurately from and about the Jewish state.


Past updates have focused on such topics as the debate over Israeli “settlements,” the NY Times’ selective reporting about biblical archeology, a modern-day blood libel advanced by a Swedish newspaper, and misreporting on the popular “Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” There’s even a new supplement, “Middot and the Media” offering a way to integrate the “Eyes” curriculum with study of key Jewish values (middot) and texts.


For more information about the updates or to receive a free copy of the “Eyes on Israel” curriculum on CD, contact curriculum coordinator Hillel Zaremba.

Updated: Feb. 04, 2010