Hebrew Teachers Gather at The iCenter

May 7, 2010
Source: iCenter
On May 6, 2010 the iCenter hosted a training workshop for Public high school Hebrew teachers from around the US with representatives from cities across MA, OH, WI, CA, NY, IL, and MN. It was the first time ever that members of this subset of Jewish educators were brought together to create a community of practice, to share with each other their successes and their challenges, and to learn new and innovative ways to teach Hebrew to their students.
The day began with focused conversations on: the link between language and culture; why Hebrew is an important component of Israel education; and what are some challenges the teachers face in their institutions and with their students. The rest of the day was spent introducing the teachers to different approaches to Israel and Hebrew education, and demonstrating how photography, drama and technology can be used to enhance their work as Israel educators. The last hour was spent discussing what would be helpful to these educators as they continue their work, and how this newly formed community can continue its work together. Everyone left energized and excited to finally have a professional network to share, learn, and develop together as Israel educators.
Among the presenters at the workshop were:
Zion Ozeri from the Jewish Lens
Ilan Vitemberg from the Israel Education Initiative in San Francisco
Amnon Ophir from @Akiva at Siegal College
Adam Stewart from Shorashim

Guy Levi from The Center for Educational Technology in Israel

Updated: May. 23, 2010