2011 Jack and Anita Hess Holocaust Education Seminar for Faculty

January 3-7, 2011

Source: USHMM


The USHMM’s Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies is pleased to announce the 2011 Jack and Anita Hess Seminar for Faculty. Designed for professors of all disciplines who are teaching or preparing to teach about the Holocaust or related topics, this year’s seminar is titled Teaching about the Holocaust through Eyewitness Testimony: The Use of Interviews and Memoirs in the Classroom.


With the rapid advancement in online technology, professors and students on campuses throughout North America are increasingly able to access audio/video interviews with survivors and eyewitnesses, as well as their memoirs. The challenge for faculty now is how best to integrate these first-person accounts into their teaching.

The seminar will explore methods and strategies for meeting this challenge, as well as analyze testimony sources—within the context of both the Holocaust and source materials in general—and the complex issues surrounding the memory and factuality of these sources.

The seminar will be co-led by Dr. Henry Greenspan and Dr. Wendy Lower and will be held at the Museum on January 3-7, 2011 and is designed for professors who are teaching or preparing to teach Holocaust or Holocaust-related courses.

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