Limmud: They Came, They Talked, They Listened, They Enquired

September 15, 2010
Today, thirty years after its beginning, Limmud has expanded around the globe with the past few months witnessing a number of events in addition to Limmud Fest in the U.K., Limmud in Modiin (Israel) and Limmud FSU in Jerusalem and New York that were previously written about in eJewish Philanthropy. Limmud Oz Melbourne, Paris Day Limmud – Limoud France, Limmud Buenos Aires Argentina and Limmud SA Cape Town are covered with the help of Limmud volunteers around the world.

Limmud Oz Melbourn

Over the Queen‘s Birthday weekend, 12-14 June 2010, some 800 people gathered at Monash University to make this event happen. More than 150 presenters formed the core of the festival of learning, with subjects covering art and literature, history and religious learning, the environmental, the existential and the political.

Paris Day Limmud – Limoud France
On the 4th of July, for the first time in Limoud France, we organised a one day Limmud in Paris. More than 200  participants attended the 40 sessions
Limmud Buenos Aires Argentina
On Sunday August 22 the Third Latin American Spanish Speaking Limmud took place in Buenos Aires at the Maimonides University from 9:00 am through 8:30 pm in an enthusiastic and joyful environment.
Limmud SA Cape Town
This year‘s Limmud, which offered a mind-boggling choice of 100 presenters and 170 sessions, was widely acclaimed to be the best ever. Situated at the Stellenbosch Protea Hotel, overlooking the splendid rolling hills of the winelands, the venue could not have been more suited to our needs.
Updated: Sep. 21, 2010