PresenTense NYC Fellowship - Launch a Jewish Day School Venture

PresenTense is inviting community entrepreneurs who are passionate about social change, the Greater NYC Community and the Jewish people to apply to the 2011 New York City Community Entrepreneur Partnership (NYC CEP). The PresenTense NYC CEP is a five-month long entrepreneur accelerator, and is seeking applications from individuals with ideas to develop and sustain the Jewish Day School educational experience. Accepted applicants will receive a full scholarship for participation, generously sponsored by The AVI CHAI Foundation.
What does it mean to develop and sustain the Jewish Day School educational experience?
Do you have an idea for a venture that will strengthen religious purposefulness, Jewish literacy, or an understanding of Jewish peoplehood for Day Schools?
Perhaps you have a solution to the financial hardships facing families who want to send their children to Day School but cannot afford to do so?
If you have an answer to any of the above questions, Presentense invites you to apply to the PresenTense NYC Fellowship - Jewish Day School Innovation track. They are recruiting three Fellows who are dealing with Jewish Day School innovation, and hope that your idea will be the next greatest solution! 
PresenTense has developed a community entrepreneurship training curriculum focused on practical implementation of enterprise tools and strategies.  This curriculum has been particularly focused on the stage of a venture's life which is often referred to as "pre-seed", which is, the period in which a social entrepreneur has a vision for develop a new venture, but has yet to develop the idea into a working plan...  
The fellowship program modules help the Fellows take their vision and turn it into a reality.
Updated: Nov. 02, 2010