Limmud Becoming New Favored Networking Tool for Jewish Authors, Artists, Groups

January 13, 2011

Source: JTA


Sue Fishkoff writes in the JTA about worldwide Limmud which started out 30 years ago in Britain as a conference for professional Jewish educators and has burgeoned into the world’s largest network of gatherings promoting informal Jewish education, and has become a creative and professional hub for presenters, some of whom have become regulars on the Limmud circuit.


"More than 35,000 people took part in one of 55 Limmuds held last year from Siberia to South Africa, according to Limmud. As more branches opened in more countries – there are eight now in the United States alone – it has become a collaborative opportunity for musicians and visual artists, who meet at Limmud and begin working together.


Some performance acts formed for a Limmud event continued afterward…. Limmud gives writers an opportunity to promote their books and educators a chance to try out new topics. It also puts Jewish organizations in front of new audiences and potential donors. Limmud usually covers travel and accommodations for invited presenters but does not pay them for their presentation. A number of Jewish organizations have latched onto Limmud as a way to present their message before a self-selected, motivated Jewish audience."

Updated: Jan. 19, 2011