AVI CHAI Israel Jewish Identity DVD Project


Souce: AVI CHAI Israel Jewish Identity DVD Project


The AVI CHAI Foundation has help create films that provide insight into Israeli life and society. Now, with the creation of self-contained movie lessons, these DVD learning modules are being made available free of charge for educational use in North America. This is an extraordinary opportunity to connect Jews here on a personal and emotional level to the State of Israel. These films offer a window into Israeli life that can take the viewer beyond the constraints of newsprint, broadcast news or even the occasional visit to Israel.


Each DVD comes with two study resource guides, one for formal settings, the second for informal educational use. The guides are included on the DVD, ready for printing. All films are in Hebrew with English subtitles.


The two films on this DVD were produced and directed by some of Israel’s finest artists; the actors represent Israel’s best talent. The content is timely, addressing social, political and economic issues facing Israel. Recommended for eighth grade and above.


The DVD is made available free of charge on the condition that films are screened for audiences at no cost!

Updated: Mar. 30, 2011