Limmud Brings Unique Leadership Training Opportunity to Activists Across the USA

September 18, 2011

Source: eJewish Philanthropy 


Recently 30 participants from ten different Limmud communities across the US and Canada gathered to participate in the first “Limmud International Training on Tour Seminar”. The seminar was initiated, organised and run by Limmud International, a key project of the UK-based volunteer-led learning organisation Limmud. Limmud volunteers and staff attended this volunteer development seminar from North American Limmud communities from far and wide, including Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, Limmud FSU Hamptons, and Winnipeg amongst others.


The three day training seminar was part of an expansion of Limmud International’s training and support activities to around 60 communities around the world as well as a response to the need for Limmud volunteers to meet face to face with their peers more often, to share experiences and learn from each other's challenges and innovations.


Hosted by Limmud Atlanta+SE at the Tumbling Waters Retreat and Conference Center in Clayton, Georgia, the Limmudniks also participated the Limmud Atlanta+SE LimmudFest weekend which immediately followed the seminar. During the LimmudFest they had the opportunity to experience some hands-on volunteering as well as plenty of learning ‘lishma’.


The next gathering of Limmud activists from round the world will take place at the annual Limmud Conference in the UK at the end of December. Amongst the 2,500 participants expected at the week-long highlight of the global Limmud calendar are over 150 volunteers from over 50 different Limmud communities around the world. These Limmudnikim will participate in a series of “Taking Limmud Home” sessions throughout the main Conference, as well as having the opportunity to network, learn from each other and experience the original Limmud event that has inspired the worldwide phenomenon.

Updated: Sep. 21, 2011